Moscow, Russian Federation

Medical device testing organization 

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 For a quotation for the organisation of toxicological tests, the analysis of your medical device and the completeness of the documents at your disposal, we suggest that you contact us by telephone or send a detailed request directly via the feedback form or e-mail. 
Upon receipt of your medical device materials, our experts will be able to carry out a thorough preliminary audit, assess the cost of the work and inform you of the procedure to be followed. 


Credo LLC offers the service of organizing toxicological studies of medical devices in accordance with Decree No. 1416 of the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare of the Russian Federation dated December 27, 2012.
Toxicological studies are performed by a testing laboratory accredited by the Federal Accreditation Service in full compliance with all applicable regulations and bylaws. 
To determine the final cost and timing of the work, please send an application form and technical file to testing@kredo.moscow or use the feedback form below.